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Daily Indulge Review

– Posted in: Food, Gluten Free, Protein Shake Recipes
Daily Indulge Review

Indulging in the good stuff Taste is commonly the first thing placed on the alter to be sacrificed when dealing with health products. Using artificial sweeteners such as sucralose are common practice for companies but not only have they been shown to wreak havoc on your gut flora but studies are showing that these sweet [...]

Lululemon Tight Fit Review

– Posted in: Blawg, Fashion, Fitness Fashion

Tit for Tat for Tight A Review on Lululemons new Tight Fit Pants The #Fitspo community has become a keenly dressed cult, clad almost entirely in Lululemon attire, reminiscent of the unmatched loyalty that captured the souls and wallets of the other ever popular fruit, APPLE. You can’t help but shudder at consumer’s blatant obedience [...]

Light in a Leather Skirt

– Posted in: Blawg, Churchy Outfits, Fashion
Delicious by Chanelle

I have a love affair with leather.. The kind where "No animal was harmed in the making of this clothing" type of leather actually known as pleather (plastic leather). It instantly sasses up any outfit. When I found this skirt on sale from Mindy Mae's Market I couldn't wait to snatch it up... the main [...]

Pleather for Days

– Posted in: Blawg, Churchy Outfits, Fashion

Faux Leather aka.. Pleather (plastic leather) I'm never sure what to say when it comes to outfit posts because I feel like a total tool. So here is my attempt at explaining how I "styled" this dress. I love the pleather chest but that the whole thing isn't because believe you me that gets all [...]

No Boyfriend Needed For These Jeans

– Posted in: Blawg, Casual, Fashion
Delicious By Chanelle

Boyfriend Jeans I was super thrilled to find out that you can actually adorn boyfriend jeans without having one. (Read with Chanelle Sarcastic voice or if we've never met insert your own because I'm sure you have one) Really though peeps these jeans are the bombdiggity.com Yes I just said bombdiggity and since faded, holy [...]