Amazon Prime Day, Eat Clean Edition

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Prime Day is kind of like a national holiday around these parts. I scoured through to see what kind of clean products they have included in the deals so here are some pure ingredient decked products.  Click on their photo to purchase.

I just recently started to take Nootropics. They’re not totally accepted yet and the research hasn’t chosen a side quite yet on their effectiveness. I just recently started taking nootropics to boost my brain and give me the super powers I thought were exclusive to adderal.

Having an abundant amount of collagen is what keeps our skin grape like instead of raisin like. It puts fullness in our skin, is great for the bones and even helps with the digestive system!

MCT oil is all the rage… well maybe that’s CBD oil but MCT oil must be a close second. It comes from coconut oil, is great for the brain and even helps in regulating healthy hormone levels.

It’s like our best friend Nutella just got its act together and is fun yet responsible.These easy tear packets mean you can put Justin’s in your pockets, purse or murse. (no judgement here)

I know this isn’t a supplement or food but I’d like to introduce you to my latest kitchen staff… the air fryer. Roasting vegetables, making kale chips and coconut flour coated fried chicken has never been this tasty nor quick in the kitch. It puts oven baked fries to shame.. like it really embarrasses them.

Suja’s cold pressed juices are one of my fav juice detox’s. Their cold pressed, nutrient packed and they are masterfully crafted to taste delicious. Snag up their 3 day detox and see for yourself.

Thanks for tuning in to my quick and dirty Prime Day highlight reel!


What are some PrimeDay items you’re checking out but figuratively and literally.




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