Cara Loren Shop Review

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Cara Loren Shop

So I follow this blonde bombshell (yes that term is overused but you look her up and tell me what else I can possibly use) She is married to my junior high crush. You guys, his cousin was one of my besties and snuck pictures of him to me.  I kept them in a drawer and viewed them oft!

13 year old Chanelle was all sorts of into guys. The crush of the week turned into boyfriend of the month which as my mom told a boyfriend once “Sweetheart you’re just the flavor of the month” She’s a real gem. Anyways I digress..

When I saw Ms. Cara Loren on Insta and saw her husband I busted a gut remembering my youthful self then #instastalked her for a bit (an unhealthy amount that day I’m sure).

He’s a good guy and comes from a rad family, is a Davis Dart and procreated with this gorgeous creature to create mini gorgeous creatures. Kind of ridiculous if you ask me.. which you aren’t.

This crush ended in my tweens but my girl crush came to light. Okay not so much a crush but her hair!?! #swooning So of course my love of clothing, shopping and #instalking collided into now you viewing me in clothes from her new line, Cara Loren Shop!

Delicious By Chanelle

So onto this review which lured you in, in the first place.

1. Her t-shirts are as smooth as butter… not margarine because that is garbage. I slipped this on and didn’t take it off. Yes I slept in it… Woke up in it and then proceeded to wear it to work and then for these pictures.


2. It covers my underclothing like a champion


3. It’s huge! I’m 5’1 and about a buck 15 (115) and so I got an XS. Well it fell well past my well endowed back side. It’s great with leggings and slightly tucked into a pair of jeans. I paired it with jeans and some Keds as well as with liquid leggings, suit jacket and a pair of some killer heels just to stick it to the man that I can in fact wear t-shirts to work.

Delicious by Chanelle

4. Sheer. If you are one of those Temple going Mormons then you have to wear something under it. If you are not you still should wear something under it or you might get arrested for indecent exposure. 😉 It’s pretty sheer so I wore a tank top.

5. Presentation. It came in a well branded box. Her logo is classy, easily recognizable and unique. Whoever is her brand manager is rocking it!

I give them an A- just because I wish it wasn’t quite soooo big but I’ll wear them, I’ll wear them often and I might even wear them to bed. Two thumbs up to female entrepreneurs  especially blonde cheerleaders because lets be honest the world painted them as not so bright.



Ps I’m not a model. See the pic of me laughing with gum? Yea that is why I’m a Blodel (blogging model) 😉

Delicious By ChanelleDelicious By Chanelle

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