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Collagen Producing Smoothie

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Vital Proteins Collagen Beauty Greens Smoothie for your Skin I’m currently closer to 40 than 20 (crowd gasps in horror) but my skin is definitely closer to 20 than 40 (crowd, befuddled, whisper wildly with great confusion). My skin looked un-healthier and older in my early twenties. Back in the good ol’ days, I was [...]

Peace Out 2014

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Ring in #CleanandLean2015 New Year Resolutions Glitter, fancy drinks, heels, dresses, big wet ones at the strike of midnight? Um what's not to love about NYE?!? It's the perfect time to reflect on the last year. Revisiting the rad moments and figuring out how to move forward from the not so rad moments seems to [...]

Non Toxic Nail Polish

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Toxic Free Nail Polish Holistic Health I was introduced to Love Bri Products by a good friend of mine and was seriously impressed by the story. I loved painting my nails as a girl. Every nail had to be a different color.. Oh and the amount of glitter that was forced onto each nail was [...]

It’s All About the Eyes

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The Anti Tired Eye Cream Reflexsyons Refine Eye Cream (Mark, the man pictured) “Wait. What? Why?” That’s what Mark said when I told him I needed his ocular cavities. I needed a male subject upon whom I could apply a new, borderline revolutionary, eye cream. The joys of being a product developer, chemist and skin [...]

Eyelashes are the Drapes To Your Soul

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Anti Aging Lash Serum! atLASH   Jacket// Bohme (old)  Blouse // Ann Taylor Loft  Necklace// Charming Charlie  Bracelet// Charming Charlie  Rings//Nordstroms Rack Lip Stick// MAC Viva Glam V    Step 1 on applying atLASH: Wipe off excess liquid.    Step 2 on applying atLASH: Apply one swipe to base of eyelashes.    Step 3 on [...]