Costco Leggings for The Kill

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Costco Leggings for The Kill Fall Fashion at it's Finest Moment Known for their samples, liberal return policy, toilet paper quantities, coffins and general bulk pricing steals, Costco manages to continually impress, surprise and delight. My most recent expedition into Costco's massive-yet inviting- depths revealed a gem of epic proportions; leggings! If you don't know by now, [...]

Painting the Farm Red

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 Sweater: Lululemon // Leggings: Zella // Boots: Vince Camuto Old but similar  // Lip Stain: Stila in True Red Stila Lip Stain   I woke up feeling like garbage this morning. I could blame myself, I could blame destiny or I could blame a perfectly crafted piece of Hollywood cinema that was orchestrated just thus [...]

Wifey Material

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Wifey Material What is Wifey Material in the Modern Age and Other Complex Ridiculousness As we all know, the foremost authority on pop culture terms and insights is the Urban Dictionary. Sometimes so foul and egregious that I lose faith in humanity, other times, it's simply useful. I use them to navigate Instagram hashtags and [...]

Pineapple Lovin

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Pineapple!!! Pineapple Shirts, Shakes & Snacks As a nutritionist I love when anything healthy becomes trendy and that has been the deal with fruits this year. Currently it's all about the prickly, yellow, green capped fruit that has grabbed the attention of fashion bloggers and designers! This delicious fruit is way more than just an [...]