Lululemon Tight Fit Review

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Tit for Tat for Tight

A Review on Lululemons new Tight Fit Pants

The #Fitspo community has become a keenly dressed cult, clad almost entirely in Lululemon attire, reminiscent of the unmatched loyalty that captured the souls and wallets of the other ever popular fruit, APPLE.

You can’t help but shudder at consumer’s blatant obedience to buy their costly goodies then straightway join the salivating groupies.




So when LuluLemon came out with 4 new, uniquely inspired pants, I got all giddy.

I knew they only create forward thinking, beautiful and cozy threads and I couldn’t wait to mortgage all that I had to get my hands on it.

Then, a call came from Fashion Place Lululemon to test them for myself and pick my favorite 2 for review!!!

I about died. Life can demanding and rough, I know.



Part I- Tight Fit Lululemon Pants


I’ve come to terms that when left to mine own devices; DNA, eating habits and gymnasium interaction, I will never enjoy thigh gap and the ensuing prestige, however, “Tight” brought me a smooth posterior, completely bereft of cottage cheese and smooth sailing from naval to knees.

I essentially went from a size 4 to a size 2 and all I could think was how amazing they looked and how comfortable I felt.


The Tight, streamlined, firm compression made me locked and loaded and ready to get busy. First things first. They look adorable.


And the functionality is wonderful. I wore them to cross fit and was seriously impressed with how they made me feel. They kept everything from jostling about like a gelatin dish at a funeral as I did burpees, strict pull-ups, squats and ran.


I was stuffed into them cozily like a can of sardines, but if that wasn’t enough, they left me feeling like a champion with the bronze, gold and silver stars that adorn the trim as though I had won all 3 medals for being a BAD A!


Of the many things that I heart about Lululemon, is their uncanny attention to details. From the scalloped ankles, the gold logo and the back zipper locker key pocket. They don’t overlook the smallest methods of beauty and convenience, then they go above and beyond in quality and comfort. Sexy, fitting, comfortable and comforting.


LuluLemon, you have my heart/wallet/buttcheeks in your capable hands.



Pants: Here // Top: Similar Here

A special thanks to Callie who takes beautiful photos and probably the only person that I would climb on jagged rocks in the freezing cold for.  The pain was overshadowed by the beauty. “Everything denotes there is a God” and this location was no exception. I stood in awe of its majestic beauty, that was until I realized I could very well lose an appendage.

I live in a BeUtahful state and would love some new places for shooting… Ideas? Ready.. set… Give it to me

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Brooklyn Jolley September 23, 2015, 8:10 am

Is there a link to buying these exact pants? I’m scouring their website and can’t find them. I LOVE the scallop bottoms! So cute!

Sarah Eggett May 25, 2016, 9:38 am

oh my gosh! you are such a babe! i’m so glad i found your blog!! love love love these pants, i’m going to run grab some for myself! 🙂

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