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Clean And Lean Pre Workout

As part of #CleanAndLean a social media health program I launched through Avisae I found that a lot of my participants loved using pre-workout drink mixes to give them an ump to get through a difficult workout. Finding a pre workout that is both clean and will help you get lean is no easy feat but after hitting up a Workout Show, I found this little guy and I love him so… and here’s why!

Some are pumped with sugar and others were pumped with aspartame or sucralose. Yucky stuff!

Sucky Sucralose May Cause the Following:

  • Reduction in your bodies ability to fight sickness and disease by compromising your immune system
  • Sucralose and leukemia!! “Dr. Morando Soffritti, director of the Ramazzini Institute in Bologna, Italy, and team fed 843 laboratory mice varying doses of sucralose from when they were fetuses until they died. Post-mortems showed an association between leukemia risk and lifetime sucralose consumption – the more sucralose they consumed, the higher their risk of leukemia.” Are we men or are we mice!? (Lame movie reference) but we do testing on them for a reason so that we don’t hurt humans but we are by having this toxin in our food and drinks!
  • One medical journal said the following about the link between sucralose and migraines. “This observation of a potential causal relationship between sucralose and migraines may be important for physicians to remember this can be a possible trigger during dietary history taking.”
  • Obesity! So wait one second.. we are trying to get sugar free to not gain weight but yet it’s making us gain weight?


Twinlab Clean Series Pre-Workout Activator Citrus Flavor, 450 Gram

Part of me just wants to stab my eyes out as I yawn and stumble at 6 am before my workout. I usually drop my blender bottle 4.6 times before my hand/eye coordination decides to play a part in my morning saga. (My counting skills are also really good in the am.. obviously) The idea of pumping iron in this state of mind is dangerous for not only myself but others…sooo I take it to my TwinLab Clean Series Pre-Workout Activator (Say that more than once and you’ve gotten in your workout) to give me the pep in my groggy little step to get my booty to the gym and get those gainnnzzz!




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