Non Toxic Nail Polish

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Toxic Free Nail Polish

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I was introduced to Love Bri Products by a good friend of mine and was seriously impressed by the story. I loved painting my nails as a girl. Every nail had to be a different color.. Oh and the amount of glitter that was forced onto each nail was a trick that only a great magician would understand. As an adult I don’t necessarily enjoy painting them myself but a mani/pedi is heaven sent.

As I’ve been trying to lead a cleaner life, I’ve had to change my buying habits. Purging my diet, household products and beauty routine has taken some time but the results have been well worth the effort. I however, wasn’t able to find a nail polish that was cleaner until now. So now I BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle) to the salon.

Here’s a list of the good stuff on Love Bri

  • Vegan

  • Cruelty-free

  • Gluten Free

  • Fragrance Free

  • Toxin Free

  • Paraben Free

  • Hypoallergenic

“5 Free”.  Nail polishes sans Dibutyl PhthalateTolueneFormaldehyde,Formaldehyde Resin, and Camphor.

Throughout my #blawg post are links to medical journals, University scientific studies and government sites. If you want more info on each go ahead and investigate for your pretty little self.

Here’s what these scandalous chemicals do:


Dibutyl phthalate is an endocrine disruptor, toxic to the reproductive system, can damage baby boy’s genitalia development. Children, too, may be particularly susceptible to phthalates like DBP that pose developmental risks, and some pediatricians now warn against letting young girls, especially those young enough to chew on their fingers, wear polish.


Toluene is toxic to the central nervous system, impairs breathing, causes nausea, causes developmental damage to the fetus, and is linked to malignant lymphoma. Ugh, no thank you!!


Formaldehyde is a big time, major carcinogen. Enough said. 


A derivative of formaldehyde. Not as toxic, but is an allergen.


Camphor can cause liver damage in rare cases when applied to skin. Linked to seizures when ingested.  WebMD says “Camphor is UNSAFE when taken by mouth by adults. Ingesting camphor can cause severe side effects, including death.” Nail biters be warned.

Safe Nail Polish

*Oh and I had to include a photo of Coca-Cola’s new Stevia Coke! You know there is hope for the world when a huge company like Coca-Cola’s sales start dropping dramatically so they have to follow the new clean living trend!

Coca-Cola Life

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