Peace Out 2014

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Ring in #CleanandLean2015

New Year Resolutions

Glitter, fancy drinks, heels, dresses, big wet ones at the strike of midnight? Um what’s not to love about NYE?!? It’s the perfect time to reflect on the last year. Revisiting the rad moments and figuring out how to move forward from the not so rad moments seems to be the thing to do.

Silly things I overcame in 2014

Stomachs.. ugh. Cellulite double ugh. This year I left all that negative thinking behind and I overcame a big fear of mine and that is the dreaded swimming suit!

I was insanely nervous about this photo shoot for Brickyard Buffalo

(More photos here)


I’ve always felt uber curvy and felt like my hair, clothes and everything else had to cater to my insecurity that came from my size. My long locks were no exception. I felt like they elongated me making me look thinner. So as I started to get more fit I finally let the lovely Miss Tara Brooke chop off all my luscious locks! She’s amazing and made me feel like a total model.




Makeup and I don’t necessarily get along. It might be my lack of patience or my unskilled hand but I stick to mascara and occasionally powder. However, staining ladies kissers with lipstick has been all the rage. I jumped on bored with this hot pink number and even bought red. I’m not in love with it but still so glad I finally tried.

Totally did this wrong ruining the lipstick

Totally did this wrong ruining the lipstick

When your travel buddy can’t make a couples trip to Disneyland what do you? You randomly invite a blind date to take the 24 hour road trip and 3 day excursion with you.

(About 20 minutes in I thought maybe my bravery was really stupidity)

(That story will be shared one day)

Delicious By Chanelle

I quit my cush job training medical clinics on autoimmune disorder programs and became a private product and marketing consultant. I was a guest speaker multiple times in front of thousands and thousands of people on Telomere Support (DNA), Nutritional programs and on the products I’ve developed! Pushing my career to the next level and putting my degrees (Chemistry, Nutrition and New Media Marketing) to good use was my biggest accomplishment this year.

Delicious By Chanelle

I overcame a lot of the fears that have held me back. All in all 2014 was an amazing year! I’m excited to start a new year and overcome even more!

I’m the girl who busts out a notebook and makes lists and lists of all the things I want to “fix” in my life. Not this year. This year I’m going to make some baby steps and some big steps but I usually just overwhelm myself to wear 3 days in I quite. Hopefully my peeps (nudge nudge thats you) will keep me accountable.

1. Scriptures

This last year I read the Old Testament, a collection of books written through inspiration from God. The faithfulness of the people is inspiring and making the correlation between animal sacrifices and the sacrifices of our Savior was a constant reminder to me to not just believe that Christ is the Savior of the world but believe Him that He’ll save me from my own stupidity and shortcomings through His grace.

This year my goal is to read the Book of Mormon, a collection of books written through the inspiration of God in the ancient Americas. I don’t want to only read it but really stay in tune with what the big man upstairs wants me to implement into my life from the teachings of these people. (Calendar Here if you want to join this 8 week challenge)


I am going to keep on my 80/20 Eat Clean Lifestyle! I’ve cleaned up my drinks, desserts and craving food so much this year. If my short arms could reach my back I’d pat the heck out of it for all I’ve done for my diet this year. I’ve lost an impressive amount of weight this year.

However I want to supplement my diet… CONSISTENTLY! With all the soil depletion happening, all the goodness that grows from the grown has less nutrition than ever before. I want to make sure I make up for that through proper supplementation.

  • Antioxidants- Super Food Supplement with an Orac score of over 90,000! – Sustain
  • Vitamin D- My happy pill. I take a minimum of 1,000 IU’s a day from M’lis
  • Calcium- It’s a liquid form which absorbs better plus coupled with vitamin D it will absorb! (Brand I use is M’lis)
  • Don’t get Fat Pill- Reduce (Helps regulate my blood sugar so I don’t get famished and Cacao Theobromine for natural energy)
  • Probiotics & Greens- Trader Joes

3. Relationships

This last year wasn’t really my year for romance. I did a man fast which you can read about here. I however, learned so much about who I am and what I’m looking for in a partner that will be my ultimate buddy in life. Now my goal is to implement what I learned and not be so against commitment. So as I breathe extra hot and heavy, I’m just going to spit it out.. My goal is to get in a relationship. Ugh still doesn’t feel right. I know that this isn’t necessarily all in my control. I mean if I’m going to be in a relationship the guy is going to have to be one cool, sexy and smart cat but I’m going to be better about not bailing too quickly and actually invest in the people I go on dates with.

Well folks that’s all I have for you. Thanks for all the love and support ya’ll gave me. It’s been a very fun ride and I look forward to this next year.

Please email me at or make a comment on things you’d like to know about.

If you’re new to my #blawg I’m a holistic nutritionist and product developer. I specialize in ingredients, vitamin and minerals and how they all work together to help your body heal itself( ie.. autoimmune disorders, hormone disorders, pregnancy and more). So please ask questions, make comments and if nothing else enjoy the colorful photos.

Love you to bits!


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