Peppermint Protein Shake

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I usually associate Peppermint with the holidays but as I was raiding my pantry late last night for something to fix my vicious saber sweet tooth tiger of a craving I stumbled upon a drawer of oils, spices and extracts (My roommates don’t cook and thought a drawer was a good place.. weird) 😉

My weight loss didn’t happen by caving into the ravenous beast! So far I take each morsel I consume and ask myself “Does this nourish me or not?” If not then the beast inside says “Does it matter?” and sadly sometimes the second questions answer is NO! That is the wrong answer but when you’re hangry (Angry cuz hungry) right or wrong doesn’t matter. So I’ve adopted an 80% clean diet and 20% not so clean. My not so clean isn’t terrible though. I’m not running to Ronald McDonald or anything.

Nonetheless this is delicious. I used Daily Indulge by Avisae and it tastes like cake batter. Soooo good! So when battling a craving try a sweet tasting protein shake. #tiptuesday

What sweet tooth protein shake should I try next?


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chanelle June 10, 2014, 12:19 pm

You are very welcome!!

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