The Classic Little Black Swimming Suit

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black swimming suit

Off The Shoulder Boulder Holder

More commonly known as

Off the Shoulder Swimming Suit

Off the shoulder black swimming suit

Equally as important as your LBD, is your LBS. When I say LBS I’m not talking about what you may very well be increasing with the holiday seasons treats, I’m talking about the Little Black Suit!

This Little Black Suit form Trina Turk provides a lil sass and sex appeal while not over exposing all the goodies. It’s a classic cut and color (lack of color if you wanna get real nit picky here) and it won’t be a trend that makes it unwearable next year. I LOVE off the shoulder items, you may remember this little number from last year.

Off the shoulder black swimming suit

Another item that doesn’t go out of style.. Cough Cough.. is beautiful, youthful, healthy skin! Wear a hat, lather on that sunscreen or better yet spritz on my favorite setting mist by Supergoop! or go for the oil. Before I discovered this gem, I was the girl with a face as oily as the bodies of a figure competitor but this mattes my skin while offering some serious protection. BTW this post is not sponsored, I’m just seriously that in love with it.

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I just discovered their lip gloss at Sephora and this is the first time my lips didn’t hate me post vacay! I’m a gloss addict, I love the stuff. Lipstick and lipgloss however attracts more sun creating an environment for sun burning similar to baby oil and reflective panels you’ve only seen in movies.

Supergoop! Lipgloss review

My usual go to is a formula I helped create for Avisae called LushLips. Its hyaluronic acid spheres plump up your lips while keeping them wildly hydrated. Its the secret to my needle free lips!

During the day however, I used my SPF gloss from Supergoop! and at night I kept my lips sexy and supple with LushLips. I needed my lips looking mighty fine as I rapped Lose Yourself by Eminem one of the nights for Karaoke. This formula has grape polyphenols in it, they act as antioxidants to help neutralize damaging free radicals, which are unstable molecules that can harm healthy cells. To bring it full circle, using hyaluronic acid and powerful antioxidants are going to help your lips resemble more of a grape than a raisin.

Off the shoulder black swimming suit

If you’ve been following me on Snapchat or Insta story you’re fully aware that this broad doesn’t just sloth around on vacation. I played water volleyball, got slammed and totally wrecked by a number of waves and all sorts of shenanigans. I ended up just putting the sleeves up on my shoulders to avoid my very own Janet Jackson moment.

black swimming suit

Going to Cancun with hundreds of people who earned an all expense paid trip is seriously a dream. You need a team for a water ballon fight? You got em. You need more people to play water basketball?  They’re there. Every where I turned you could have heard the Cheers theme song blaring because everyone knew my name.  With that came all the TMI questions on peoples bowel movements which I’ll get into how to save your gut and your butt on vacation in a later post. Just trust me, that information is very much needed!

Lounging on the beach

Swapping out the white covered mountains of Utah for the white capped waves of Cancun was just what the Naturopathic doctor ordered.

What are your traveling tips and tricks?!



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Karli Ellis December 9, 2016, 7:04 pm

I love all these photos of you. Such a gorgeous black suit!

Stephanie December 9, 2016, 9:54 pm

I feel like I want to go on vacation just to try all the things!

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