Wifey Material

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Wifey Material

What is Wifey Material in the Modern Age and Other Complex Ridiculousness

As we all know, the foremost authority on pop culture terms and insights is the Urban Dictionary. Sometimes so foul and egregious that I lose faith in humanity, other times, it’s simply useful. I use them to navigate Instagram hashtags and Facebook posts commentaries more often than I’m willing to admit. WIFEY was the latest exercise of learning at the U.D.’s trusty hands.

“WIFEY” – A phrase often used to describe a girl whom you feel possesses certain qualities that qualify her to be a model wife for you.

1) Kind

2) Sweet

3) Caring

4) Compassionate

What a nice derivative from what I assumed the “Wifey material” definition might have been. Looks like “Wifey Material” is just being a good person and here I thought it would mean that I would stereotypically cook like a rockstar at my man’s every whim, clean like the bald cartoon when I have free time and be a sultry  tom cat in the sack.

How do I fare when it comes to being WFEY material you might ask? Well, I can cook pretty dang well, so chalk that up men! From there however, things only go downhill. My cleaning skills are severely lacking and my abilities in bed are yet to be determined #mormonvirginproblems. I’m just Wi material so far.

I’m not sure what to think about being a WIFEY. I’ve always been the girl who never wanted to get married. Not that I have any problem with those who are all about that life, it’s just not tickled my pickle.

You may have seen the “wifey” t-shirts making a splash through social media. It got me to think why anyone would want to define themselves by their marital status, as if that was an accomplishment. As if loving someone through bad gas, an annoying amount of ESPN and miscommunications was this big deal. Oh wait it is. Blending lives isn’t easy.

I commend those who take the plunge and commit to loving someone forever, wholly and unconditionally.

So ladies keep wearing your shirts. Marriage should be celebrated AND I SUPPORT IT.

As a fun addition to my usual photos and posts I decided to get first-hand input from a friend of mine on what it meant to be HUBBY material. I bring to you James The Mormon.  He is a splendid human with whom I’ve had some dialogue on the topic of love, marriage and divorce. Here are his two cents on the subject.

When it comes to being a husband, I by-no-means am an expert. I was only a husband for 3 months, but in hindsight its surprising how much a divorce can make you self reflect and open your eyes to what really matters. 

I could list a plethora of qualities a “good” husband should have, but in the end ultimately a husband’s role is to be a consistent support to his wife. The husband needs to be a rock his wife can look to in every aspect i.e emotionally, financially, and physical protection. Ultimately each spouse after finalizing the commitment of marriage should be prepared to turn all their focus to each other, however a husband has to be prepared to toss any natural “male” / logical instinct out the window and willing to become available in ways that just don’t make sense. 

Every woman is different, with very different needs, so it is important that a husband strive to meet those needs on a regular basis; focusing on his wife’s love languages. “Happy wife, Happy life”

Thanks to James for being the cutest stand in husband and thanks to Mindy Mae’s for sponsoring this post.

Read all about his cute self here

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Isthis A. Joke October 16, 2014, 4:40 pm

You’re an idiot for having him on your blog.

Linda October 18, 2014, 10:31 pm

Girl, you old in the face.

Brian October 22, 2014, 12:17 pm

Divorce doesn’t open your eyes, Marriage does. It is the single most self-defining process one can enter. It is where you will be brought the most difficult trials, meant to bring an understanding of who you are, to yourself.

Many however, use this to see the other spouse as the problem that often exists within themselves. We are socially taught to seek out whats is wrong with another rather than seek, as God does, to find the good.

I’ve watched it happen to many around me and even.in my own marriage and divorce. You get “sides”, those on the outside who comfort one side while blaming the other. I experienced those who, when my wife was unhappy in the marriage yet couldn’t explain why, eventually came to the conclusion that it must be me that was the cause. On the flip side, I have those that say she made a huge mistake for ever leaving a guy like me.

So…which side is right? NEITHER!

This is a marriage we’re talking about, if you believe in the scriptures it is to be ONE FLESH. Meaning no other outside source is to offer “help” unless both parties in the marriage agree to seek it. In my case my wifes confusion and seeking for that missed happiness eventually lead her to adultery. 🙁

I still love her and always will. I remain single after she chose divorce and will likely never remarry. I made a covenant with her and through this experience I have found out I am. I will not allow her decision to influence or change my own. That only defines me. <3

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