Eyelashes are the Drapes To Your Soul

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Anti Aging Lash Serum!



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   Step 1 on applying atLASH: Wipe off excess liquid.


   Step 2 on applying atLASH: Apply one swipe to base of eyelashes.


   Step 3 on applying atLASH: Apply to base of bottom lashes.


   Step 4 on applying atLASH: Be happy because it’s working!



If eyes are the window to the soul, then your eyelashes are the drapes.

No one wants gross, straggly, old suckers showcasing their beautiful soul right? Am I right? Of course I’m right. Behold mine own story of eyelashes loved and lost…

Lash extensions hold a special place in my heart. I know the glue is toxic and that regularly spending that much time under tweezers and a light is less than desirable, but they make these hooded eyes of mine really “pop.” I don’t wear makeup and frankly, I just look better with them. I have been getting them done for a couple of years now by a young lady who I think is the best. “Who?” you might ask? Drum roll please… Abby Lawson!

As I lay there, essentially pinned down and a prisoner for 2 hours whilst she works her magic, I’m all ears, and Abby has become a great friend.  We’ve hashed out endless, magical details of love, life, relationships, break ups, dating, gastrointestinal discomfort and so on and so forth.

Through these trivial and deeply meaningful overshares, we have forged a gossip-filled, real talk, fabulous relationship and I love her.

But lo, I digress.

Having one’s eyeballs manipulated, glued, yanked and generally molested on the monthly, butchers even the strongest lashes.

I decided I’d go without them and see the state of affairs of my natural eyelashes. Once I got my extensions  removed, I beheld and was astonished to find my lashes were half the size, brittle and breaking.

I fell to my knees and looked to the heavens and with a heavy heart I screamed to whoever would hear, “What have I done!?”

My current client has me delving into the sacred formulations of products and I’m the first, last and only line of defense as it pertains to the R&D. As a product formulator I have the opportunity of creating products that I want, that women need and when it comes to nutritional products that everyone needs. I wanted something for my lashes that didn’t make my lovely greenish blue eyes brown and something that was super effective.  I went on a quest to formulate something that would make my lashes long, strong and thick! This journey that would last much longer than I had first anticipated.

This is the story of how atLASH was born….

I got a degree in chemistry and nutrition a billion years ago and decided to put it to use. Working with a team of highly qualified chemists we embarked on making a wildly effective and extremely safe anti-aging eyelash serum. Using similar peptides found in hair growth products and an ingredient that allows a deeper penetration of these eyelash loving ingredients, we found the perfect lash serum and got it at the perfect price.

I wanted something as effective as prescription but without the crazy side effects. I have bluish green eyes and I’d like to keep them that way, thank you very much!!

Once the formula was done and tested, I herded groups of women of all ethnicities and ages to try this stuff out. The results were fabulous. 80% said they’d changed over from what they were previously using!!) Well, 80% wasn’t good enough. We went back to the drawing board. New science is always coming up with purer, sophisticated technology that is more effective and potent.

After some TLC, some R&D and lots of love, we found something even better! We went through the whole process again and 100% of my test group said they’d replace theirs with atLASH!

I might have a degree in this that and the other thing, but I’m no dummy. I kicked my extensions to the curb and have been relishing in long, healthy and natural eyelashes ever since. Check out more here!!



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Lips: lushLIPS

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at LASH eyelash growth serum mark-chanelle-lash-8383

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