Costco Leggings for The Kill

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Costco Leggings for The Kill

Fall Fashion at it’s Finest Moment

Known for their samples, liberal return policy, toilet paper quantities, coffins and general bulk pricing steals, Costco manages to continually impress, surprise and delight.

My most recent expedition into Costco’s massive-yet inviting- depths revealed a gem of epic proportions; leggings! If you don’t know by now, I’ve been smitten by this snug apparel and its tight, flattering embrace. I was confronted with the idea of inexpensive leggings that might otherwise mean a lack in quality- leggings that go wrong, go terribly wrong. But I’m a risk taker and a lover, so I threw caution into the cool Costco A/C and snatched up a matte pair.

I weep openly at the very idea of having possibly missed out on what has turned out to be a savory purchase. I. LOVE. THEM!  What gets me verklempt is that they were $15 and came in several seasonally inviting colors. For that price, you can buy 2 of each color in the off chance you find yourself in Draper and are mugged for them.
The leggings maiden voyage was a brisk Sabbath. As is customary, I went up the canyon to spend the afternoon to bask in the Rockies. There is a freshness and comfort in them thar hills. For good reason prophets of old ventured into the solitude and majesty of the mountains. There is a deep and real connection when you’re surrounded on all sides by the quietly powerful thicket of God’s handiwork.
An ordinary giant might look upon these huge lumps of dirt and pebbles and thick foliage and see it as just that. But not me; a regular person, these lumps are enormous and overwhelmingly beautiful- almost breathtaking at times! I scarce can take it in.
So there I am, in leggings, in the mountains with some hot drank, beset on all sides by the wonderment and still of these beautiful mountains, these cozy leggings and this steamer. “Life doesn’t get much better than this,” I told a squirrel rummaging nearby. The stitching of the leggings was on par with the splendor and peace I felt in the crevice of American Fork Canyon.
I’d like to imagine that as one of God’s creations, my dates gaze and appreciate me in this fashion. I’ll never know because I’m an ADHD dater and nary go on a 2nd, 3rd or heaven forbid- a 4th date!!! Speaking of ADHD, why did I even mention this?  Oh yeah, God’s creations. I was in the mountains, it was unreal, I took pictures. I relished in all that is of good report.
It pushed me to ponder upon all the beauty that surrounds us, the great people that support me and the random comment left on my blog the other day that read “You old in the face.”
I’m compelled to rejoice in the simplicity of leggings as well as the indescribable majesty of the locally grown, organic, all-natural, gluten rich, GMO ridden, rolling hills of Utah!
Be ye prepared for photo overload, awkward winks, thigh meat for days, apple bottoms and some good action shots of my accident prone self at the end.
Jacket: Nordstrom // Shirt: Loft // Necklace: Nordstrom Rack // Leggings: Costco
Boots: Bohme Boutique // Hat: Neff // Glasses: Nordstrom
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