DIY Pineapple Scrub

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diy_pineapple_scrubSo good you’ll want to stuff it in your mouth and where it’s safe you actually might be tempted to but let’s leave this delicious concoction to your lips and let it move no further! Especially since it’s packed with sugar.

Remember my last post on pineapple? If not check it out here! Pineapple is packed with antioxidants, vitamins and this really sweet enzyme called bromelain. This little guy is able to dissolve dead skin cells. Enzymatic exfoliation is only part of this DIY Pineapple Scrub. After the enzymes get to work you have the sugar which perform a physical exfoliation with its rough edges wiping away the dead skin. This reveals beautiful new skin and helps to stimulate new skin cell growth.


As a skin care formulator I never recommend using this on your face because sugar has sharp edges and can create micro-cuts on the skin. Let’s stick to lips, hands and feet where the skin is less delicate.

For the face I recommend jojoba beads a perfectly rounded and natural alternative to plastic beads.

Now to the good stuff!!

DIY Pineapple Scrub

1/2 pineapple
1 cup of sugar
10 drops of Vitamin E oil (optional)
1 cup of coconut oil
Hand mix sugar, Vitamin E oil and coconut oil in medium-sized mixing bowl.
Cut fresh/frozen pineapple into 1 inch chucks and toss in blender.
Lightly blend pineapple to break up the large chunks, but do not puree.
Add pineapple mixture to sugar and oil and fold in.

Make sure you store face scrub in airtight container in the fridge between uses.

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