Dreaming of Sand and Sun with this Pina Colada Protein Shake

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Pina Colada protein shake recipe

Pina Colada protein shake recipe


Pina Colada Protein Shake Delight

The weather here in Utah has been as crazy as a woman on her menstrual cycle. I say that with the most love I can muster while I’m on mine. With the weather being warm and lovely one and just as lovely and raining the next my outfits have been fun to put together. However, today I’m anxiously waiting for summer. I want to feel the warm rays on my face but instead I have water drizzling down my cheeks. This shake was my break in the day where I sat and dreamed about my upcoming trip to Cancun!! It also helps my body fight fat! haha I am working hard to get in bikini body shape and it’s been hard. I’m 30 pounds down though!

One good thing about today was playing in the rain at Wheeler Farm. This farm has been my go to place of solace to get away from my computer, move around and enjoy the world. Stay tuned for some goofy photos on my Thursday post!

A small selfie glimpse into my day.

Rainy Day Selfi

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