Endometriosis- What a Pain!!

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I get asked all the time why “eating clean” is so important to me. My response has been and always will be “None of your business.” Then I direct them to my blog and let them know that one day in the distant future, I will write up my reasoning. Well, here it is. And to all those people that ask me all the time, I hope this helps:

Imagine, a brisk, or warm day, (I forget) in 2004. I was 18.  Roughly one year previous “Aunt Flow” took a liking to me and exposed me to her bag of tricks and horror. Like most snot-nosed teenagers, up to that point, I had never experienced excruciating pain. Mind you, I grew up with four older brothers who pushed me down flights of stairs in cardboard boxes, hurled me off the roof and regularly tossed me around like the annoying little sister I was trying to be;  and yet, here my undercarriage was to blame for the worst pain I had theretofore experienced!

No blood over my body’s door would scare away the dark angel we all affectionately have named “The Period!!!”  I was ravaging a Super Duper Tampon every hour!  To avoid filing for bankruptcy, I decided to use the “Diva Cup.”  (Don’t worry, those stories will come later for those who have not already unsubscribed from my blog)

Back to the main story: It was a temperature filled day in 2004, I went to the OB/GYN, aka Alien testing clinic (all their cold, sterile utensils, poking and prodding). The verdict was in: endometriosis. “Well doo-doo” I said to myself. But more importantly than having some disgusting sounding disease, it aroused all manner of questions that lead to more questions that were only remotely related; Does that mean no babies? Do I even want babies? Can I have sex? If I do will it hurt? Am I too young to have my uterus removed? What surgery can I have to help? What pills can I take? After a whole slew of questions, I was told to wait to have surgery until I was going to start working on having a family.

8 years later, I’d  be suffering through agonizing pain and pumping my body full of Lortab and Soma’s!

In 2011, I bought a body wrap certificate off of a daily deals site. At the appointment, the young lady asked me if I had heard of “Candida.” I could have sworn it was a phantom disease that only weirdos believed in.  So I looked into it.  I researched like crazy. Seemed legit. So I braved the unknown waters of a candida killing program. It CHANGED my life! Going to school to be a nutritionist, chemist and online marketing professional didn’t have the same impact that learning what holistic health did.

The anti candida plan from M’lis that demanded that I take out grains, dairy, fermented products, yeast and even fruit for 60 days! I detoxed and sweat out ever toxin my body could muster.

Well that’s great, you’re thinking. Good job detoxing. But here’s the kicker: When that horrific time of the month rolled around again; I felt NO pain. NONE! My period was just as mother nature intended; a flowing, gross, repulsive mess.  Imagine that! No pain, no tears, no lying in bed for 2 days eating microwavable dinners and watching soap operas! I could function like a semi-normal human being. I had eaten “healthy” before, but had never experienced such glorious results for my efforts!

The story of greatness continues- I no longer have signs of endometriosis! However, when I consume dairy my body throws a tizzy fit and reminds me of times of yore. My autoimmune disorder flares up with vengeance, taking no prisoners. My pain creeps back. Eek. So, I can’t consistently consume diary, hormone induced meat, aspartame and grains if I want to feel alive and well all month long.

I have this immense feeling of gratitude for my maker. For giving me this beautiful body that hopefully one day I will be able to hold a baby that’s mine. My heart aches not having a family. I don’t ever want the reason I don’t have children to be something I could have prevented. So when I get teased as a fringe weirdo for eating “clean” or for turning down a cupcake, I just let it slide. I remember the future I hope to enjoy.  I don’t want to tinker or negatively impact  my uncertain future if it’s something as simple as passing on delicious, scrumptcious, tantalizing cake.  It ain’t easy bein clean. But it’s worth it!

I have to recommit myself on the daily to eat clean, real, wholesome food just the way God intended.



Ps I’m not the perfect eater. I stand at about 80/20

Pss I am a huge advocate of adoption.

Psss I’m a nutritionist but not your nutritionist. These are my personal beliefs


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