Feeling Warm and Cozy with Böhme Boutique

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Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?

As I slipped into this hat I couldn’t help but feel like Carmen Sandiego. Carmen, who usually had some kind of “master plan,” would always escape and she never did give up her five finger discount (thievery) However, with Böhme Boutique you don’t have to use any discount because their stuff is all at a great price! When I went to pick out something for this post I couldn’t stop at just 1, 2 or even 3 items. I walked out with 6 items for under $150!! It practically feels like stealing!

Top: Böhme Boutique c/0 Boots: Böhme Boutique (I purchased these a few months back)

Hat: Böhme Boutique c/0 // Scarf: Böhme Boutique c/0  // Bottom: Costco (yea I know not much help)




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