Go for Gold… Nike’s

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Rose Gold Nike’s

It was a brisk Saturday afternoon like many others I have known, as I found myself walking through Nordstrom’s to get to Lululemon…As you know from this post.. I have an obsession.

I was on a hunt for treasure; the kind of treasure that only a $42.69 Lululemon Gift Card from a return could offer… which did pay for part of the beautiful green shirt pictured here.

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I sauntered through the bright and spacious paths of Nordstrom’s carefully, beset on all sides by majestic apparel of all variety, tempting me, luring me in, when a sparkle in the distance caught my eye. A golden shimmer softly compelled me hither.

As I approached the shoe department, I knew I had found what I was looking for.

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I whispered aloud,  “MY PRECIOUS.” ( I hope you did the voice in your head)

With a flick of the wrist, I unabashedly absconded with the LAST pair of rose gold Nike’s.

With three clicks of my heels, well, tennies, I giggled and made a mad dash for the car. I knew the world must know of these pearls, these gems! The gems I very quickly posted on Snapchat (@chanellejepson)

Rose Gold Nike Shoes

The camera was in the back seat, battery charged. The camera man was semi poised and frankly stuck, but always ready and willing to do whatever I tell him to do.  My hair wasn’t going crazy and my makeup was on point! The stars had aligned! Oh this was going to be a great night!

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To avoid a pitchfork and burning scenario, I waited until today to post since the Golden Kicks are now again available!

Don’t wait tho! These cute little fiery dime pieces will be gonzo before you can say Trick or Treat!



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