No Boyfriend Needed For These Jeans

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Boyfriend Jeans

I was super thrilled to find out that you can actually adorn boyfriend jeans without having one. (Read with Chanelle Sarcastic voice or if we’ve never met insert your own because I’m sure you have one)


Really though peeps these jeans are the Yes I just said bombdiggity and since faded, holy jeans are also from the 90’s, that phrase totally works here. Speaking of faded you’ll notice my pictures are super bright. That had something to do with the day and the camera setting and probably user error because I really have no clue how to work this stuff so bear with me as I learn. Oh and to top it off I don’t photoshop my photos so we’re stuck here my friends.

Delicious By Chanelle

Back to the outfit. This t-shirt is amazingly soft and I got it from Nordstroms Rack as well as this oversized sweater! These jeans are Joe’s Jeans that I got from Nordstroms and you’d think I legit earned those holes because the jeans feel soft as butter and totally feel broken in.

Sweater: Nordstroms Rack ( Sweet Romeo )// T Shirt: Nordstroms Rack ( Valette )

Jeans: Joe’s Jeans

Necklace: Cartier & The Shine Project // Shoes: Dolce Vita (old)

Delicious By Chanelle

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Delicious By Chanelle

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