Let’s Try This Again Shall We.

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Hello and welcome to Delicious To The Taste where fruit isn’t forbidden and where I might not be reinventing the nutrition wheel but I’ll sure bedazzle the heck out of it.

My partner in crime is Colette my baby sister. She is a fitness guru with years and years of grueling, painful experience. The kind of fitness you and I shudder even thinking about. An all star soccer player, this girl knows how to whip people into tip top athletic shape and she has agreed to grace us with some of this hard core knowledge. She said she’ll be nice and take it easy for us but I figure there are those of you like me who cringe at the idea of being sore and then there are those other crazies who love it. She’ll appeal to both.

I’d like to tell you a wee bit about myself. A few years back I was really sick. My thyroid was down for the count, my blood sugar was out for a roller coaster ride, my energy couldn’t be found and I was packing on the weight worse than a freshman in college. I passed out in the shower, at a party (alcohol free) and very briefly while driving. Dr’s couldn’t fix it. I was on medications but with side effects almost just as bad. I felt like throwing in the towel until I came across a scripture. I was not a religious girl by any means. God was at the time similar to the tooth fairy. A cute little fairy tale. I still thought this “Lords law of health” was fascinating. I took the bait and tried it out. It talked about fruits, veggies, fowels of the air and to get rid of coffee. Gasp! I know, I know no coffee. I kicked my Starbucks runs saved money and saved my health. I’m down 30 pounds from that day. Ever since I have had a passion for food. Good food, real food, the way God intended.

I tried this before, slacked and am at it again. I have had an amazing amount of requests for nutrition consulting and decided that if this many women have all these questions maybe there are more out there. Feel free to ask me questions, come to me with concerns and let’s work together to create a healthier and more beautiful community.

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