Fasting.. The Detox for Life

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Man Fasting!

The statistics are in and those who fast have stronger, healthier hearts. My brain functions around how our bodies work. I compare everything and anything to nutrition, weight loss and wellness. Not surprising that it crept inside of how I date or whom I date.

I had a long time boyfriend where it just didn’t work out. Our long term goals were different and it made it impossible to see a future together. He’s super rad and still to this date a dear friend of mine.

However, I will compare him to Costco Chocolate Cake. It’s delicious. Beyond amazing and what I want to bring to every party but when all is said and done will chocolate cake if consistently consumed help me hit my fitness goals? Will this moist, delectable treat create a body that can not only survive but thrive? Nope. It sure won’t. No matter how yummy, pretty and fun eating that cake is, it will never help me get to where I need to be and that was him. He’s my Costco Cake.

I gave up on Costco Cake long ago and replaced him with more and more sugary goodness. Date after date was filled with men that fit into this category, practically clones of Costco Cake. This isn’t about Costco Cake alone, I’d say most of the men attracted to me fit into this category. Not only that but even if they were the good for me type of treat all I could think was “maybe tomorrows treat will be better” It’s compared to having an organic meal and complaining that the micros aren’t perfectly balanced. I became an all out extremist. So picky that I could and would never make a decision.

Just to add to me being a total hot mess I had a problem with committing to Costco Cake, I could never throw my whole heart into Costco Cake. I didn’t just want that chocolate cake, I  wanted apple pie, lemon poppyseed cheesecake and don’t even get me started on my childlike obsession with cotton candy ice cream with gummy bears mixed in. I just love food. I reallllly love it.

Then came the fact that my nutritional needs were being met. When I’m bummed out I have some of the best friends a girl can ask for. When I need physical touch I have some great guy friends that will just embrace me. I’m wildly independent on my own accord but when fortified with my support group it has become all to easy to not need a ‘man’ in my life.

Here is where my man detox came in. I kind of had to cut my support group. Rely on the Lord for my needs and create a need for a man. I know, I know you think no women should need a man but I will argue against that. We need people. We need to belong, feel loved, needed and desired. All those needs were met by a plethora of people but I would argue that I should get a lot of that from one. From a best friend and lover.

This brings us to the present day. I wouldn’t say I no longer crave the sugary goodness of  men who are just fun but now I more so desire the guy with substance, the one who pushes me to be better, who’s driven, who loves the Lord and makes me feel safe.  Healthy food protects your heart, feeds your brain and literally becomes every cell you have. I fully believe that healthy eating can be delicious, full of flavor but also leave you feeling satisfied, refreshed and energized. It’s that feeling I’m looking for.

Cheers to detoxing the bad stuff out of your life and looking towards the good!



Ps Costco Cake read and approved this before it was published

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