Ivie Juice Bar Review

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The New Provo Hipster Juice Bar

Ivie Juice Bar

It’s Friday night in Provo, Utah. I’m all done up right for a Moth & Flame concert looking for a quick sip of something real nice before I go release my inner rockstar. Thanks to a lovely hip joint that goes by the name of Ivie’s Juice Bar I got my fix in a hurry. A ginger shot with a nice Acai bowl chaser was just the ticket.

I travel a ton for work. I get to visit some amazing places with food to write to the folks about. One of my fav places is Cali-forn-IA! There is a juice bar and smoothie shops on every corner. This corner model has been replaced by frozen yogurt shops here in Utah. That’s why I’m excited to team up with Ivie Juice Bar and offer my readers 10% off this week if you mention


 I did my research and Ivie herself is a rad human! Check out an article on her here

Ivie's Juice Bar

If you are in Utah County you have to check this place out. Get the smoothie “Rock That Road” and it will knock your undies off. The Acai Bowl I devoured was called “Zest” it had a delightful splash of lime.

Ivie's Juice Bar Acai Bowl

I love ginger shots ( No this is not a slur against redheads!) and here’s why you NEED to incorporate it this winter!

Ginger has been referred to as “the king of anti-inflammatory foods” and is incredibly useful for any inflammatory problems in the body from rheumatoid arthritis to easing muscle pain after strenuous activity and exercise. I loath exercise in the winter. I’ve decided sore muscles and frigid air are tools of the man downstairs trying to keep me from being healthy.

The reason Ginger is such a powerful anti-inflamatory is it contains compounds aka essential oils called gingerols that help interrupt the totally rude and inconvenient inflammation process. These rad little compounds interfere with an  enzyme called cycle-oxygenase (COX) that is involved in switching on inflammation.


When we get a cold and feel like a truck struck us we get all bogged up with mucus. Most of that pain is from inflammation of the mucous membrane in the nose and sinuses. This leads to a full body pain! Also inflammation is a huge cause of skin conditions from rashes to acne.

Ginger also has a great circulation stimulant due to gingerly. They rapidly widen the blood vessel walls, which can help lower blood pressure and alleviate the toxicity and edema causing cellulite. (I’ll share more tips of trade from a chemist on that one!)

Ginger Shot at Ivie's Juice Bar in Provo Utah

Ivie’s Juice Bar Address

47 North University Ave

Provo, Utah

Ivie's Juice Bar Review

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