The Quickie – Workout Series

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When you gotta get it in quickly

I have an obsession with my gym. It’s the greatest place on earth and I say that partly because I’m going to the happiest place on earth tomorrow and wishing I could stay there all winter in order to miss out on the greatest snow on earth. Right now though I’ll settle on the greatest gymnasium on earth.

My glorious gymnasium with all it’s majestic beauty. It’s in this facility set on a hill that I rock climb, shoot hoops, kick around the checkered ball, get swoll with weights and bend it like Beckham in the yoga studio. Who needs a boyfriend when you have Lifetime Fitness at your fingertips? Although with the flexibility you are about to witness, I won’t be single for long.

Sometimes the clock isn’t on my side though and I have to cheat on my love and squeeze in a quickie. I gotta get in, get out and get on with life. This is a short series I do when I don’t have much time. This workout is free.99 peeeps and perfect for the stay at home champions fighting the good fight of raising children.

What’s not free is this outfit but it was worth every penny. These pants are smooth like butter and they seem to suck everything in. Caution though if you are like me with some cellulite on the old saddle bags these light colors can slightly show it off. No worries I made sure to include a photo that shows that gem but I’m still super proud of my progress even with my flaws. #down40pounds Lest I forget this baseball T is hands down the softest shirt I own. So soft and lovely that I have it in 3 different colors now. If you live in Utah make sure you go check out their store at the City Creek Mall! Right now you can get 15% off by using “golden15” courtesy of “The Golden Natives”

Top: Albion Fit // Bottoms: Albion Fit // Shoes: Nike (Old)  // Hat: Borrowed or stolen I haven’t decided yet

Workout is in an image so that it can be saved to your phone for reference and easy to share 😉

Chanelle Fitness Attire Albion FitShort_series_home_workout

Chanelle Fitness Attire Albion Fit
Chanelle Fitness Attire Albion FitChanelle Jepson Fitness

DSC_0396Chanelle Albion Fit

Chanelle Jepson Fitness Attire Chanelle Jepson Fitness Attire Chanelle Jepson Fitness Attire

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