Just Organic Juice Cleanse Review- Day 2

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Just Organic Juice Cleanse

Plugging my nose downing my Wholly Greens today with AlmonDreams dancing in my head, I complained. Gasp… Yeah juicing isn’t easy. However, I’m a firm believer it is worth it. My skin honestly has cleared up dramatically since my last mountainous invasion during aunt flows visit. My bloating is gone and I am not curling up under my desk at 3 for my nap. I love the way I feel! So I’ll try to complain less about drinking 3 gross drinks a day for 3 days especially since the other 9 are absolutely amazing!!

My friend told me to be grateful that I can afford organic juices, that I can prevent illness through my high quality food and that the homeless would feel blessed to do a juice cleanse! I’m not sure if that’s true but it got me thinking that I am seriously so blessed and then go me thinking about the homeless and how I haven’t seen any homeless in a long time. Check out this video!


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