Just Organic Juice Cleanse Review- Day 1

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Here is the Why and What on the Just Organic Juice Cleanse

Why Juice Cleanse:

I have personally put over 1200 people through detox. I have seen some amazing and quite frankly miraculous results! 
Here is why everyone should detox seasonally!
1. Rests the organs through fasting (Your body doesn’t use energy to break down food);
2. Stimulates the liver to drive toxins from the body;
3. Promotes the elimination through the intestines, kidneys and skin;
4. Improves circulation of your blood; and
5. Refuels your body with all the healthy nutrients you might have been missing.
I’ve put people through detoxes that left them symptom free of their autoimmune disorders. Gave them better skin, more energy, the ability to get pregnant and just feeling a warrior that can take on the everyday toxins that attack us. 
Your body is an amazing tool that through your blood and liver is suppose to daily detox your body but we just put way too much garbage in it for it to function the way it should. Through antibiotics, toxicity in food, water, air and all the artificial and faux food options our body is in overload. When our body is in food overload it stores it, same thing with toxins.

Why Just Organic Juice Cleanse:

They are certified organic! As a product developer and designer I can tell you first hand what becoming certified organic entails and it ain’t easy folks. Who wants pesticides and toxins mixed in with their powerful juices? No way! They are not pasteurized either! If it is sold in Whole Foods (except if they juice it in store) then it is pasteurized. It legally has to be.

Just Organic Juice Beet

What the Just Organic Juice Cleanse contains:

I chose the Xtreme cleanse. Party because I was under the notion that I was hardcore which I soon learned I was not and partly because I thought I could handle all vegetable juices.

The Xtreme Includes:

Mother Earth



Green Envy


Just Beet It


justbeetit_juicebottleWholly Greens




How I feel Day Uno on the Just Organic Juice Cleanse:

To say I’m hangry (verb: to be hungry/angry) is an understatement. My first juice was Mother Earth and it tasted like Mother Earth shot out dirt and grass into this bottle. A nostalgic feeling from my accident prone child hood crept up as I sipped this less than jolly green juice. I added some lemon to the rest and it was palatable at best.

Palms sweating, curse words brewing I realized I might have just wasted $170 on something I can’t finish, since I can’t even finish this first freaking bottle of juice. As the green swirls and stares back at me, mocking me I just wanna scream.

Well kids it got better. “Just Beet It” had me dancing and grabbing my undercarriage like the former King of Pop himself. Poured this puppy over ice and it was a dream. Green Envy has a strong ginger and lemon flavor which I’m all about.

If there is such a thing as the cherry on top of a juice cleanse then that AlmonDream is that cherry. It tasted more like horchata than anything else. I fell deep in an all consuming love with just one sip and with this love waiting for me every night I can chug down all the grass and dirt I need to in order to suck its sweet nectar.

Happy Juicing and Stay Thirsty my Friends!

Six pack bags and Cold pressed juice

To top off the night I had their Almond Milk

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