Keeping Christ in Christmas

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Keeping Christ in Christmas


There is no snow!!! I live in Utah, it is December 23rd and there is no snow! (Breathe Chanelle just breathe) I’m trying my darndest to make it feel like Christmas without the glittering snow, so I’ve really up’d my Christmas game.

Christmas movies, decorating gingerbread men, Christmas music 24/7, reading stories of Jesus, serving the homeless, sponsoring a family, decorating not only my living room but my bedroom with a disgusting amount of Christmas garb. Tonight visiting Utah’s Temple Square with my family and finishing the night off with Elf will surely bump my Christmas score up.


Although I’m still praying that it will snow with vengeance tomorrow. All this trying to force Christmas has left me realizing that my priorities for the season were skewed. I know everyone talks about keeping Christ in Christmas but I guess that didn’t hit me till this year.

Jesus is the Christ.The Savior of the World. He strengthens me when I but accept that gift. Sometimes I feel as if I’m drowning wondering how I will ever get out and there is Jesus poking me with a stick trying to save me but my stupidity keeps me from just grabbing a hold of it.


I just don’t see what He sees all the time. I wish I had His eyes. His eyes see goodness in everyone, even the person who cuts you off on the freeway or the person in your life who cuts you at the knees every chance they get.

For me to see the way Christ sees takes a whole lot of work.



His whole purpose is to heal the broken. When he says be like Him I think he means see people the way he sees them, treat them the way He would, be more Christian in everything. So when I saw this video I felt a tinge of pain for making excuses why I shouldn’t help someone. “They’re homeless because of drugs.” “They’re probably a scammer.” I guess I shouldn’t judge if someone “really” needs my help but just help. Serve when asked and when not asked. So this Christmas I went and served the homeless and I saw Christ in their eyes.

I also wanted to show you my favorite Christmas drink. At Zero Calories and Zero Artificial ingredients this has been my contribution to the fight against diabetes and Holiday parties!

If you need some holiday ideas check out Zevia for some snazzy soda inspired drinks! Available at Harmon’s and Whole Foods. #sharethegift

delicious By Chanelle

Zevia Sparking Apple Cider

Delicious by ChanelleDSC_0053

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