Fasting.. The Detox for Life

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Man Fasting! The statistics are in and those who fast have stronger, healthier hearts. My brain functions around how our bodies work. I compare everything and anything to nutrition, weight loss and wellness. Not surprising that it crept inside of how I date or whom I date. I had a long time boyfriend where it [...]

Greens on the Go

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Green Smoothie A Go-Go Pineapple Greens Protein Smoothie       Ingredients: Trader Joe's Super Green Drink Powder: 1 Scoop ON BCAA's Unflavored: 1 tsp Barlean's Omega Swirl in Lemon Zest: Squeeze it for 2 slow seconds Organic Pineapple Chunks Frozen (Costco): 2 Cups Protein: 1. Plant Based 2. Natural & Delicious or 3. Grass Fed Whey : [...]

DIY Pineapple Scrub

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So good you'll want to stuff it in your mouth and where it's safe you actually might be tempted to but let's leave this delicious concoction to your lips and let it move no further! Especially since it's packed with sugar. Remember my last post on pineapple? If not check it out here! Pineapple is [...]

Pineapple Lovin

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Pineapple!!! Pineapple Shirts, Shakes & Snacks As a nutritionist I love when anything healthy becomes trendy and that has been the deal with fruits this year. Currently it's all about the prickly, yellow, green capped fruit that has grabbed the attention of fashion bloggers and designers! This delicious fruit is way more than just an [...]